My daily school activities essay

As a matter of habit, I read for about two and half hours and take my supper at 9. I take great care of my teeth, because bad teeth are a sign of bad health. I maintain my dairy. After the jogging I brush my teeth and get ready for my study which continues undisturbed up to my breakfast.

Essay on daily routine

Then I start for my college at 10 a. I always sit in the first bench and listen to what my teachers say. I say my short prayer. The school closes at 4 P. In the recess hour I take the Tiffin given by my mother in a Tiffin box.

I return home at 6 P. Honestly speaking, boredom is a word which is missing in my dictionary of life. Normally I go to bed at 11 p.

Essay on your Daily Life

After that I play some indoor games and then prepare my home tasks. The classes begin at On Saturdays and holidays my daily routine gets distracted.

My Daily School Activities Essay

I play hockey, kabadi, football, cricket and other games as it suits to me or to my friends. Though much of my daily life is routine-based, yet the variety and diversity of daily existence make my daily life an exciting adventure.

The first period begins with English taught by our Headmaster. On the way, I often meet some of my classmates and together we go to school. I go outside with my neighbors on morning walk for half an hour. I maintain punctuality in attending classes.

At tiffin period I take my tiffin and say my Zohor prayer. Better stress levels lead to improved mental health, more time to relax and less anxiety.

I also visit a movie or theatre. Very soon sleep overpowers me and I go to bed. The classes continue up to My mind and body are both refreshed. I do not wait a minute after school hours. It refreshes my brain and makes my body active. At home in the afternoon—Returning home, I put my books in the proper place.

In the afternoon I sleep for an hour or watch a movie. I believe that practice makes us perfect. Better sleep will leave you refreshed. Then I come back to my home straight.

My Daily Routine Essay

On returning home I wash my hands and feet. I am never late in attending school. My elder brother also helps me if he finds time. I go to bed shortly after taking my meal.

I enjoy the bath very much. In the recess time also I talk of the topics taught in the classes with my friends and come to class at 2 P. The school Assembly takes place at 8. Write my Essay | I need help with my School Assignment Write My Essay We are the most trusted essay writing service.

Get the best essays delivered by experienced UK & US essay writers at affordable prices. Jun 06,  · After breakfast, I go to school by bicycle. It takes me about 20 minutes from my house to my school. Usually, I study at school until a.m. I return home at noon to have lunch with my family.

I stay at home reading books and listening to music.I am quite happy with my daily activities. My daily activities; Essay topic: A. November 21, English essay my daily routine for school.

King lear kent essay writing essay on neat and clean environment rear window summary analysis essay crash the movie essay written essay compare quoting a bible verse in an essay. Activities in the college: After finishing my regular lessons, I take my bath and meal.

Then I start for my college at 10 a. m. because our college sits at a.m. Then I start for my college at 10 a. m.

My Daily Life as a Student - Essay

because our college sits at a.m. Essay on your Daily Life. Article shared by. Introduction. My daily life is the life that I follow everyday. My daily life consists of my daily duties. After the first four periods we get a recess for half an hour. In the recess I take some tiffin. My school closes at 4 p.m.

Then I come back home. I wash my face and limbs. Then I go to the. Mar 31,  · Essay by school students (Mahan Siddhartha High School) Sunday, March 31, My Daily Life I am a student. My daily life is simple. I get up at six o'clock in the morning.

Then I go to toilet, brush my teeth and wash my face. Then I drink a cup of tea and sit down to do my homework.I read up to 9 am.

Then i take my food and go to.

My daily school activities essay
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My Daily Life as a Student - Essay