A nice day

He wrote that for the United States though, "nice days and the having thereof are written into the constitution". Korean Studies wrote that it "seemed somehow to fit nicely" with the phrase "Caymi posey yo", which is frequently used in Korean shops to say goodbye.

In Arabian territoriesthe naked babies on the cover were digitally removed, due to religious concerns. He and Persson would then incorporate electric guitars, keyboards, programminglive drums and percussion into the mix.


After all, if I'm at the supermarket to buy anti-nausea medicine for a sick child, I may have a nice day after all, but at that point the checker's "polite" have-a-nice-day comment seems even more inappropriate than usual. There is no sincere way to say "have a nice day".

You will do just fine, you have my full support in doing the things you love to do, my darling. After an Israeli soldier destroyed the memory card of Levin's camera, the soldier told him with a jocular smirk, "have a nice day".

Have a Nice Day (Hao Ji Le)

A greatest-hits album called Cross Road appeared in and yielded another Top Ten ballad, "Always. Mann explains that the British do not expect a "smiley" display from colleagues because they have more time to build longer-term relationships.

One year later, Greatest Hits: Have a nice day. Eventually, the quality of the demos progressed to the point where live strings were added.

Have a nice day

Under this new agreement, Fredriksson and Gessle, through their newly formed Roxette Recordings sub-label, obtained full control to the copyrights of their entire back-catalog — both their solo work and their work as Roxette — with the duo licensing their discography for a limited time back to EMI Sweden.

Mind yourself and always keep on loving your life the way that you used to before bad times. It's an idiom that's been mashed and mangled over the decades until any semblance of meaning has been wrung out of it.

But alone, ill-slept and, most of all, charmed by its contrast with my own country's default mode of public aggression, I found it soothing, even kind.

45+ Have A Nice Day Quotes

Looks like a fucked-up face. Should we head outside to the park and just have a nice picnic, you and I, maybe we should. It oils the squeaky old cogs of social interaction, makes it more pleasant for millions of hard-packed people to coexist in an often brutal, unnaturally vertical city.

I even kept the original vocals, because I feel I'm at my best when I'm doing demos. It was a sizable hit for the duo, becoming the most played song on European radio of. 11, nice day at the beach FREE videos found on XVIDEOS for this search.

Have a Nice Day eCards - Send a free have a nice day ecard to anyone. Visit makomamoa.com today for easy and fun have a nice day ecards. Every day that I get to see your lovely face is truly a reminder for me to have a nice day, dear.

When you wish that I would have a nice day, I silently send a prayer for you, that I do, honey.

Have a Nice Day eCards

You, my lady deserves to have a nice day after all the suffering that you have been through. Have a Nice Day eCards - Send a free have a nice day ecard to anyone. Visit makomamoa.com today for easy and fun have a nice day ecards.

A Pretty Darn Nice Day

Have a Nice Day is the sixth studio album by Swedish pop duo Roxette, released worldwide from 22 February by Roxette Recordings and EMI. Recorded over an month period in studios in Sweden and Spain, the album was produced by Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle.

4 days ago · A Pretty Darn Nice Day September 10, PM. Hard to find any complaints about Tuesday. Summery temps, blue sky and dry conditions. If we're splitting hairs, there will be a .

A nice day
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